The owners of Area51 fireworks have always had a love of fireworks, family, and celebration. In 2002 they decided to open Area51 Fireworks in Pahrump, Nevada. Area51 Firework is distinctly identified by the green alien character inspired from the Area15 conspiracy; thus, the brand was created.


In our stores we take every measure to ensure that our customers receive top quality products while experiencing guest care and education. We take firework safety incredibly seriously and we encourage our customers to practice precaution when handing any firework product. Celebration: Hospitality: Safety The industry is growing, and America needs a celebratory attitude as we continue to celebrate the good things in our lives and fireworks were designed to achieve that very thing.


It is especially important to capture that celebratory attitude and expand on it especially now in a time where we need things that make us happier and make our lives better. Every kid and adult enjoy a good sparkler and or fountain and we are truly honored to be the Fireworks brand that provides that elation. (In Pahrump in 2000 the big deal area 51 with the space people and flying saucer. Alien goes with area 51 so it all came together perfectly. Company started in 2002 Doug’s Favorite firework is Excalibur, which exclaims is the best firework in the world.